Dinner Dating

What to Wear to a Dinner Date

When preparing for a dinner date, the restaurant can give you your first clue of what to wear.  If you’re going to somewhere casual skinny jeans, a cute top and heels may be all you need. Going to a five-star restaurant? You may want to break out your sexy, yet sophisticated cocktail dress. Remember not to show off too many assets at once ladies. 

Guys keep it simple. Wear a button down shirt and slacks or boot cut dark denim with stylish shoes. Sneakers are never a good idea for a dinner date…even your Louboutin sneakers are a no go.  We want you to look masculine and sophisticated, which brings us to size. Size does matter and bigger is not always better, when it comes to your outfit. 

Be sure your clothing is appropriately sized. If you need help with this see a consultant at your favorite retail store. When you see how you look, you’ll be glad you did!    

Why do a dinner date?

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